Susan is a recently retired professional engineer with worldwide experience leading teams to great success in structural engineering, electronic design automation, telecommunications and renewable energy. She is fearless and funny —a woman who thrived in a male environment — who wants to cut through the fog of municipal decision-making to put citizen input front and center. 

Susan was founder of the business sales program at Renewable Choice Energy, where she was instrumental in the sale of wind energy certificates to Whole Foods, nationwide. She was also former Chair of Thorne Ecological Institute, where she helped bring the City, BVSD, and the non-profit sector together to change Sombrero Marsh from a dump to an environmental education center. Her community experience also includes former PLAN-Boulder County board member, co-founder of “The Blue Line”, a Boulder non-profit, and an activist for fair distribution of subsidies to underprivileged children at Columbine Elementary School.

Susan is passionate about standing up for the things that make Boulder great, as directed by the people who live and work here. Her top priorities begin with better management of growth, development, and traffic. Susan’s grandparents on both sides were farmers. She learned the importance of “carrying capacity” from the ground up, understanding that there is a point beyond which no amount of infrastructure improvements can sustain a healthy community. It’s not a matter of maintaining a certain level of service for those “first in”, as some special interests would have you believe.  Rather, it’s a matter of maintaining the things we value about Boulder, the things that previous generations worked so hard to create and provide for us. For her, that includes respecting and protecting Boulder’s natural beauty, environment, and our beloved Open Space, the crown jewel of our city.

As an avid cyclist, Susan would like to see even more emphasis put on biking more and driving less. Our system of bike paths is a good start, and the bright green bike lane designations showing up around town are great! She will work to increase rider safety and more physically separated bike lanes, and giving EcoPass users a place to lock their bikes at bus stops as great first improvements. She believes that minimizing motor vehicle traffic is one of the key things we need to do to take serious climate action now.