Cindy has devoted much of her life to public service. She’s made broad contributions to our community with her experience, institutional knowledge, and a passion for people, transparent government, and solid democracy. She will listen. She’s been a strong proponent for Open Space, sound land-use planning, and a champion for the arts. She will advocate for affordable housing and spaces for small business, and will continue our city’s efforts to address climate change. In light of the 2013 Boulder floods and Hurricane Harvey, Cindy will speak up on the need for flood plain protection. Cindy’s voice is needed to restore balance on Council!

“We’re amassing a small army of folks who agree with my commitment to giving citizens the voice and respect they deserve; making housing and space for small, local businesses affordable to preserve economic diversity in our community, and doing all we can to address climate change.”

– Cindy Carlisle

  • Former Boulder City Council member
  • University of Colorado Board of Regents, 6 years
  • Chaired the first Transportation Master Plan Committee
  • Co-Authored the Tributary Greenways Plan to put off-street bike paths along Boulder’s tributary creeks to facilitate bike transit throughout the city
  • Enacted an environmental assessment process for city capital construction projects
  • Created perhaps the first (and maybe only) Pesticide Ordinance to protect Boulder citizens and the environment against pesticides

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