This 1967 photo, taken by Harold Malde, was used as a poster to help PLAN-Boulder County win the campaign for the first Open Space sales tax in national history. The cool part is that John Gerstle is one of the kids in this photo!

John has a deep understanding of city and regional issues after serving on both the Boulder Planning Board and the Boulder County Planning Commission, with time on both boards as chair. As a Boulder native, John has shown he is an honest and thoughtful leader who understands Boulder and will consider input from all. John is a widely respected professional water engineer who has studied and advised on water projects and water quality worldwide. John’s professional skills, together with his well-studied and measured approach to good land-use planning, moved him to take leadership roles on the Boulder County fracking moratorium, neighborhood planning and community benefit in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, and an intensely skeptical view of proposed development in flood-prone areas like CU South and Hogan-Pancost. Let’s get John on Boulder City Council. Boulder could use his valuable experience and a reasonable, rational voice!

“I’m running for City Council because I believe we should continue paying it forward when it comes to open space and infrastructure, thoughtful planning, and managed growth. We cannot lose the things that have made Boulder such a great place, even as we seek to build a more perfect community. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and the generations to come.”

“I support subcommunity planning with neighborhood input. I believe Boulder has strong planning and zoning laws for good reason, and that any proposed changes and exceptions should be scrutinized and local input heard.”

– John Gerstle

  • Member and chair of the Boulder Planning Board from 2014–2017
  • Member and chair of the Boulder County Planning Commission from 2008–2013
  • Small business owner: Environmental and water engineering
  • Resident Adviser to the Royal Government of Bhutan
  • United Nations Himalayan Regional Adviser for the Environment

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