Mary has served the people of Boulder the past four years with a passion for detail and fairness, making sure the least heard voices rise to the top, are heard, and issues acted on. Her work on land-use planning with public input, her efforts to defend people’s rights, especially when it comes to tax liens on mobile homes and wages for city workers; her detailed knowledge of transportation obstacles and challenges for many improved the quality and stability of life for those affected without other options. Her logo says it all: “COMMUNITY FIRST: Putting People Above Profit!!” We need Mary on City Council for four more years!

“I am for responsible growth. I am for thoughtful redevelopment that happens against the backdrop of sub-community planning, area planning and/or neighborhood planning and uses these documents as vehicles for evolution. I believe residents want to be heard and have their diverse positions brought together by leaders who listen.”

“I also support creating a plan to help mitigate the displacement of the local small businesses we all rely on to meet our daily needs.”

– Mary Young

  • Boulder City Council, elected 2013
  • Mayor Pro Tem, 11/17/15 through 11/15/16
  • Member and chair of the Boulder City Planning Board
  • Directed the One Action 2016: Arts + Immigration Project, 2016
  • Rose Community Foundation fellowship, 2012
  • Board member, eGo CarShare

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