Mirabai may be somewhat new to Boulder politics but she’s no novice to bringing a broad and deep understanding to the myriad of Boulder issues. As a young woman professional who grew up in Boulder, Mirabai represents a new generation of commitment to Boulder’s legacy of stewardship, whether through carefully managed growth and development, affordable housing, transportation, Open Space, energy and climate change, local business, or public engagement. Mirabai is so committed to preserving Open Space that she volunteers for the Wildland Fire Crew. Her leadership has encouraged several Fire Chiefs and paramedics to endorse her candidacy. Mirabai formerly lived in affordable housing in Boulder before she and her husband went on to buy their own home in Gunbarrel.

“I began considering a Boulder City Council bid some time ago…I heard concerns about the type of growth we’re seeing in Boulder, and the ever-increasing traffic. I also heard people’s struggles to afford to live in Boulder. I understand those challenges, having lived in affordable housing in Boulder myself, while saving up enough to eventually purchase a home here. The key point is that I believe we can create affordability, without ubiquitous high density and runaway growth.”

– Mirabai Nagle

  • Small business owner with her family’s gemology business
  • Member of the Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District; certified Emergency First Responder with SLFPD; “Fire Fighter of the Year.” Soon to be highest-ranking female firefighter on the volunteer wildland fire force
  • Boulder County Democrats volunteer; San Diego Young Democrats volunteer
  • Every Creature Counts and United Paws Rescue board member
  • Prairie Protection Colorado board member

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