“The degrowth movement emphasizes the dignity and the health of the community above all else, not the profits of the developers…

Jeffrey Flynn: Degrowth Movement as Inspiration

Long revered as a stalwart of a capitalist society the need to grow has come to overshadow everything else. We prioritise it over our personal health, we prioritise it over the health of the planet and we prioritise it over our happiness.

Economic Growth is an Unnecessary Evil. Jacinta Arden is Right to Deprioritize it.

“In Boulder, this starts with legally recognizing the intrinsic rights of the Boulder Creek Watershed, a watershed that forms the basis of all life in Boulder…Nature must have a voice and must have representation in our decisions.

Addison Luck: Nature Should have Legal Rights Too

“It’s not just the growth and developers who have taken over, it feels like an invasion of commercial corporate culture cutting out the soul of what it means to live in a real neighborhood in an actual local community.”

Gary Wockner: For voters in local Colorado elections, it’s the growth, stupid!

In reality, he is something we have seen all too frequently: someone looking to unleash the forces of development upon Boulder with no concept of where those forces will take us.

Mark Wallach: Don’t mistake careful growth for reactionary governance

“The only reasonable solution for Council was to impose a moratorium to allow time to gain a full understanding of the opportunity zone, for thoughtful planning to take place, learn community desires, and put protections in place for more vulnerable areas within the opportunity zone, such as mobile home communities.

Susan Lambert: Council did great service with opportunity zone moratorium

“Denver epitomizes this diminishment of nature in the city, a trend worldwide…”

Bruce Finley: As development eats away at Denver’s green space, the “city within a park” is becoming a concrete metropolis

“…the result of liberalizing zoning codes to allow for taller buildings will likely be more luxury housing and more profits for landlords and developers.”

Richard Florida: Does Upzoning Boost the Housing Supply and Lower Prices? Maybe Not.

“City after city has employed the market-rate approach to housing, where the belief is that if regulations are loosened, ‘trickle down’ development will eventually lead to affordable housing.”

Jeffrey Flynn: Insist on community-driven development in Boulder

“Unfortunately, while cultural inclusivity may be at its highest in Colorado, environmental inclusivity may be at a historical low point.”

Gary Wockner: “Inclusivity” must include Colorado’s environment

“As a political ecologist, conservationist and environmental educator, I was pleased to witness so many people stand up to say yes: yes to open space, to the sanctuary, to wildlife, to bird life, to wetlands, to our children’s future and environmental education without degrading this sanctuary we’ve all grown to love.”

Matthew Wilburn King: Protect and preserve Wonderland Lake

“Of course, there is one inconvenient truth that the advocates of density-to-create-affordability repeatedly, continually ignore. It hasn’t worked. Anywhere.”

Mark Wallach: What advocates of density in Boulder don’t tell you

“Denver’s intensifying green-space crunch is hurting residents, creating stay-or-go quandaries and raising environmental-justice concerns as people search for nature near where they live.”

Bruce Finley: “We need more open spaces”: Denver residents feeling stifled by city’s building boom seek room to roam

“…residents and pundits have voiced dread at becoming The Next San Francisco, where the middle class is disappearing.”

Emily Badger: Happy New Year! May your city never become San Francisco, New York or Seattle

This article was written a couple years ago by newly appointed Open Space Board of Trustees member, David Kuntz.

Dave Kuntz: No such thing as balance

“The Gross Dam and Reservoir expansion would increase the height of the concrete dam by 131 feet, inundate a substantial area of forest lands (about 400 additional acres), clear-cut over 200,000 trees, and cause extraordinarily negative impacts to many Boulder County residents.”

Pat Shanks: Boulder officials should help stop Gross Reservoir expansion