Sam has worked tirelessly on Boulder’s efforts to municipalize our electric utility, has supported subcommunity planning and inclusion of the public in thoughtful land-use decisions, and has advocated for a more responsible and fair approach to housing our homeless residents. Sam has taken courageous stances on the need for a higher commercial linkage fee for affordable housing, on the need for better, more comprehensive planning, and has provided technical expertise to our energy discussion and the need and right Boulder has for clean energy, healthy businesses – especially smaller businesses, and a sustainable Boulder. We need Sam on City Council four more years!

“Current zoning in Boulder allows for 45,000 new employees, and only 6,000 new dwelling units. We must re-examine our current zoning and enable more residential development while we reduce commercial development.”

“Seventy-five percent of working people who live in Boulder are employed here. So when we add housing, it’s likely that more people who live here will also work here. This is great for our carbon footprint and our economy. And it builds strong, valuable social connections and a stronger community.”

– Sam Weaver

  • Boulder City Council, current member
  • Former member, City of Boulder Planning Board
  • Member, City of Boulder-Xcel Working Group
  • Member, Board of Clean Energy Action
  • President, CEO and co-founder of Cool Energy, Inc., a power conversion equipment company located in Boulder
  • Board of Directors member, Proton Power, Inc., a biomass power and fuels company
  • Previously served his community as a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, including one term as chief

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