Together4Boulder, an Unofficial Candidate Committee (UCC), was formed in 2017 to join neighborhood groups, community leaders and businesses to select and endorse candidates for Boulder City Council that best align with our collective community values, concerns and stances on Boulder’s pressing issues.

We support candidates who pledge to protect Open Space, preserve building height limitations, support carefully managed growth and development, and maintain the character of our neighborhoods. Together4Boulder supports candidates who will work to keep Boulder affordable for all who live and work here, and adopt policies that help retain our small, local businesses.

Together4Boulder believes that Boulder is currently on an aggressive growth trajectory fed by big money investors. This type of growth threatens the welfare of the community as a whole, and undermines the essence of Boulder’s charm – the very thing that attracted this unchecked growth in the first place. We feel this is out of balance, unsustainable, and an environmentally unsound path.

We believe that sensible, responsible growth born out of careful planning is better for our citizens, communities, and the future of Boulder. We also believe that more effective, responsive governance by our elected officials, to represent the voices of the community at large, is long overdue. We envision a future for Boulder that merges the community voice with local government in a meaningful, impactful way, for a truly unified, peaceful, and stronger Boulder.

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