Together4Boulder (T4B) is a grassroots coalition of neighborhood and environmental groups, as well as independent Boulder citizens.  We came together out of our love for nature and the qualities that make Boulder such a special place.

We support protecting our Open Space, preserving building height limits, prioritizing public safety, encouraging strong neighborhoods, creating more middle and lower income affordable housing and engaging in responsible growth and development.

T4B believes that Boulder is currently on an aggressive growth trajectory that threatens the welfare of the community as a whole, and undermines the very qualities that make Boulder unique. We believe we are embarked on a path that not only erodes Boulder’s livability, but threatens our environmental sustainability.   Our air quality, delicate habitat and conservation areas and the safety and health of our neighborhoods are all under tremendous pressure from increased traffic and pollution.  Boulder has always been a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, especially bicyclists, climbers and hikers, but the increased traffic and worsening air quality negatively impacts the very activities that brought many of us to Boulder.

We support a local government that will work to keep Boulder affordable for all who live and work here, one that will adopt policies to help retain our small, local businesses, many of which have been here for decades.

We believe that sensible, community-engaged planning is better for our citizens and the future of Boulder.  This planning should address preventing increased traffic congestion and preventing further displacement of our lower and middle-income residents. We believe in growth that supports the values and needs of the whole community, not merely the investment returns of special interests.

We envision a future for Boulder that merges the community voice with local government in a meaningful way, for a truly unified and stronger Boulder.


  • Protect Open Space

  • Preserve building height limits

  • Prioritize public safety

  • Prevent further displacement of middle and lower income residents

  • Help retain our small, local businesses

  • Represent the entire community, and not just investors, on growth and development issues